Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Artist's Life: Autumn Inclings

The Artist's Life: Autumn Inclings: "The colors of fall are like none other, they are so vibrate, alive, so full of light. I get so excited when I see the colors begin to change..."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Weekend

It's been a while since I have focused on my personal end of lifes events. Things continue to be busy, but God-kissed.
I finally have time to write as I sit in my big comfy arm chair and listen to the cooing sounds my husband makes to our little puppy Amber as he gives her a much needed bath. TOO CUTE!!!  He just arrived home from taking our "after-dinner" stroll through the neighborhood, looking at a couple homes that are for sell. No, we're not looking to buy just yet, but a fun little hobby my mom passed down to me, what we call "window peeking"! So, we went to empty homes, and peeked. It was a load of fun, and Amber enjoyed exploring new yards.
We got to meet another neighbor, her home was for sale, she is a booking agent for the music industry who has worked for big named artists through the years! So many interesting people to meet!

Anyway, our weekend was relaxing. We soaked in the cool, first-of-fall weather, driving out into the countryside, spending time with family, and walking with the grandparents.  My life is rich with heritage! Enjoy some pictures, the result of the weekend, and keep an eye out for some potential paintings posted on that would look similar to them! You wonder how he gets his inspiration? Here it is:

Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Artist's Life: Place in a Piece of Elegant History

The Artist's Life: Place in a Piece of Elegant History: "If you ever find yourself in Franklin, Tennessee, you are now cordially invited to come and view Jonathan's art in the exquisite 'Gallery 20..."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Do I Do What I Do?

The Lord asked me last night "why do you do, what you do?"
At that question I began to relay in my mind all the possible reasons for, the "Party in the Park". 'Was it because I want to see the lost come to a saving knowledge of Christ? Or was it because I want honor among people for the "works" that I do?'
It is always good to question the motives of your heart. But here is the reality that removed ANY reason I could have had for taking credit for ANY good work that would flow forth from me:
Philippians 2:13- For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose."
ALL good things come from God.... Every good thought comes from God!

Psa 16:2
I said to the Lord, "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing."
So, know this... before you, or I or anyone we know attempts to receive praise for what "they" have done. Know that God gets all glory, because Apart form him, we can do nothing good.
This party is thought of and predestined by God, who by his kindness granted me and you my family, to see it brought forth!
Lets go forth knowing we are perfectly in the will of God this evening!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My House, a fountain of blessing, my haven, my testimony

One of the deceptions of mission ministry is to believe that you must look like those to whom you are reaching out to. Tatoos to reach the tatooed, goth to reach the goth, preppy to reach the rich. Well, for me and missions, my mindset was, I must change my living lifestyle to reach those who are poor, needy, hurting... the list goes on.

Last night the Lord removed this deception from my eyes. Two dear people, whom I had never met before, and whom Jonathan hardly knew came to my house for dinner. And what a blessing it was! An older couple who have been on the mission field 30+ years!

They began to share stories from their life in Africa, and in Vietnam. And they told me: "Don't ever be ashamed of how you live. God created you, and raised you with your needs and desires, not so that you would be denied, but so that WHO you are can be a testimony to Christ. And this includes your home, and the atmosphere you create for yourself."

You see, the truth is, if we live like the world, then what good do we have to offer? If we look like the world, then what can we give to give to the needs of this world?

One of their stories from Africa was: they had a young african man come and talk with them, and they asked him how the appearance of their affluence made him and his people feel [They lived in a better situation then most of the african people there]. His response was this: "If you lived in a mud hut like me, and if your kids had the same health issues as ours do, then what would we see different in you that would tell us we have something to gain by listening and learning from you? However, we see your kids live long healthy lives, ours do not, and we see that you have a nice house, and we do not. Therefore you must know something we do not, and I desire to know what it is."

They also reminded me of the charge that God gave Adam, to take dominion over the land. Well, God has given me this home, and I am proudly taking dominion over it, and by the grace of God I will make it the most wonderful living space possible. Why?

It is not because my neighbors live this way, I am surrounded by little houses, slowly deteriorating, and covered in clutter. It is not because I am rich and have nothing better to do.

It is because this is my home. It is where I come home and rest, it is where I lay my head. This is my home, where I will host as many lost and saved people as I can while I am here. It is where the Lord has placed me, it is by His grace and by His will that I am here. So I will create a home AS UNTO THE LORD.

This is my home where I can honor my Lord in the way that I tend to His blessings to me. This is my home, and my avenue for creating beauty, and creating a lifestyle of beauty.

And as my home is a haven for little Cassidy, so it will be haven and testimony to many more. Giving God ALL glory and honor.

And when i move, be it another town, or another country, I will make for myself a home as unto the Lord, to the best of my ability! And I will not be ashamed to call it.... My home

We ALL have a home. My question is this:

What does your home say about the Lord? Your home is an outspoken testimony of God in your life. What does your home speak to the lost, to the saved, to those who need rest? What about to you? Or your family members?

I was raised in a beautiful home, where I knew the goodness of God.

Lets start a revolution of creating homes to be our testimonies!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day With Cassidy

Saturday Jonathan and I went out and bought a bunch of berries which we had found at a good price. So my plans for the day were to spend a quiet afternoon with him, and bake some delicious fruit deserts to enjoy.
But when a knock came at my door, and little six-year old, freckle faced Cassidy walked in with a big grin, I knew exactly what God's plan was.
We donned on our aprons [that's what real women do when they cook by-the-way], and began to get to work.
With flour covered faces, we baked, and ate half the ingredients before they even neared the mixing bowl [Cassidy loves berries we've discovered].
By the end of the day we had made twice baked potatoes, homemade bread, bruchetta, and a big berry shortcake.
Cassidy looked up with all grins licking her fingers and said, "I love your house, you know why?" I was shocked to hear her offer an explanation so I asked why. She said, "Because your house is pretty, and clean, and Jonathan paints pretty things all over your walls."
What a blessing!!!! Wow! My LIFE is beautiful, and THAT is what makes this home beautiful. The presence of my Holy Father, the heritage of a Godly family, and blessings of God's glorious gifts and abilities in Jonathan and I both, have made my home a haven for little six-year old girls who need Jesus.
Cassidy's mom came over to get her, and I left them with all we cooked to enjoy for dinner, and as they left, I sat down tired, happy, and FULL. I intended to bless little Cassidy with a fun time, and she blessed me with a revelation of the Lord's goodness to me.
And when I see this family come into a relationship with the Lord, my heart will burst forth with even MORE joy and gladness. I await this day in anticipation.

You're Invited!!!!

As if the flyer didn't say it all!!!! One of Jonathan and my first big steps to "REACH" our neighborhood, and our precious team of teenagers"CCF" [the Called Chosen and Faithful] have pitched in to help us make this happen.

So if anyone desires to see fellowship in outreach at work, and would like to have fun doing it.... Come on out!